Standing Out via Mobile

I love seeing banks differentiate themselves via technology. Here’s a couple of recent developments from the big banks:

Move over Siri – USAA would like to introduce you to Nina:
Nina will help USAA customers transfer money, make payments, and more, all via USAA’s mobile banking app. The app should be released to the public in 2013. Mobile banking adoption has tripled in the past two years, so while any move to make customers’ mobile experiences easier should be embraced, I hope Nina has a better time understanding American dialects than Siri does with my Southern accent.

Bank of America’s app now lets you deposit checks, and more.
Mom sent you a $50 check for your birthday? Just take a photo of the front and back of the check, and choose which of your Bank of America account – or accounts – you’d like to deposit your $50 in. Bank of America customers aren’t the only ones with access to this technology – USAA introduced it, and Chase customers have access to it as well. Bank with Wells Fargo? You should be able to make mobile deposits by the end of the year.

Bank of America also included other features with its latest app update. I like the ‘Amerideals’ concept – partnering with dealers like AutoZone and Sports Authority – offering cash-back rewards when paying with a Bank of America card.

The stories above are big-bank focused – what about the community banks? I’d love to hear from any community/regional banks that are doing something cool via tech and social media. Comment below!


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