Wanna Reach the Unbanked?

Last week two very interesting items crossed my eye: this look at content marketing for financial services, and CNN Money’s map of the unbanked.

“Insights from the Content Marketing World”, from Financial Marketing News, suggests going beyond the standard newsletters and seminars (though still vital) to visual methods, like infographics and video.

A great example of video (featured here before) shows PanAmerican Bank’s outreach to the underbanked, including the next generation of bank customers.

Of course, being the social media fan that I am, I L-O-V-E this infographic from Capitec Bank of  South Africa.  They polled their customer base via social media to come up with this infographic:

Make Smart Credit Decisions | Capitec Bank

So how does this tie into that unbanked map? Gaining those customers that are underserved will come in two ways: offering the right product mix, and educating the public about those offerings. Infographics and video – along with more traditional content marketing methods, like newsletters and seminars – are a great way to educate your community, and gain some customers along the way.

More around the web:
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Fewer directors & officers are getting sued, and the pace of bank failures has slowed.
Social media lessons from banking insiders – from KPMG


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