Why Do YOU Give?

We’re in the midst of a fun week at Bank Director: our annual United Way Week. The whole week (and a bit before and after) we partner with StrategyCorps and Magellen Press for what is always a great campaign. We also learn a lot about the great things United Way does in our community, like helping kids and adults with developmental issues, providing literacy opportunities for adults, and supporting organizations like the Tennessee Poison Center.

I’m so proud of the efforts our small companies make in contributing to United Way.

Not only does it do the community good when businesses give to worthy organizations – but it does the company good. It’s great for morale to come together as a group and work together for a good cause. It does the individual good to see the good done in their communities.

And honestly? It’s just FUN too. Tomorrow, we’re having a fun day with raffles, a food truck, prizes and a cornhole tournament. All the proceeds go to United Way (and if you’re in the Nashville area, we’d love for you to join us).

How does your company support your community?

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