What Can Banks Learn from the Waffle Taco?

Taco Bell is testing a waffle taco, a product (I will not call it food) that gives me the creeps. While it might be your idea of a good breakfast, the thought of mystery sausage wrapped in a waffle from Taco Bell is just wrong.

Cleverly so.

This is a country that treats the annual return of the McRib like a celebration. College and high school kids will line up in droves for this. Based on the wild success of the Doritos Locos Taco, Taco Bell could have another hit on its hands.

The Taco Bell Takeover

Infographic courtesy of HackCollege.com.

So, what can bankers learn from the waffle taco? Find a way to uniquely deliver what your customers want. Until last year, Taco Bell didn’t even serve breakfast, and in reality, they’re not delivering anything truly different than other fast food chains. Who doesn’t serve a breakfast burrito? And the concept of a waffle taco isn’t really all that innovative. Is there anything more traditional than a waffle, sausage and eggs? Where Taco Bell is turning the breakfast concept on its head is in delivery – turning the waffle into a “taco”  shell.

You must think differently and take advantage of technology and your unique market position.

Well-spoken words from Customer Bank CEO & chairman Jay Sidhu at Bank Director’s recent Growth Conference. How can your bank uniquely deliver what your customers need?


Dan Latimore of Celent reveals how to make your bank more customer-centric.

How profitable is the average checking account?



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