Do Consumers want Mobile AND Local?

xAD, a New-York based mobile advertising network and Telmetrics, a Canadian-based call measurement provider, released results to a study late last month detailing the “path to purchase” for mobile consumers. Nielsen conducted the online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. smartphone and tablet users. Results specific to the banking industry won’t be available until September, but the infographic below details some interesting trends related to the banking industry, namely:

  • 70 percent of mobile users prefer brand apps for banking, BUT…
  • 60 percent expect businesses to be local. BUT….
  • Banking has a “now” factor…meaning 50 percent intend to make a purchase immediately or within a day.
Which is all a bit confusing, right? Mobile consumers want to use an app, and they want the immediacy that mobile (or online) provide….yet they want local, physical, “I’m seeing an actual person” services. Of course, the 60 percent that expect the business to be local might not feel the same about banking services – so I’m anxious to see the banking-specific research in September.

The results of this study are available here.


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