Innovative or Impersonal?

It’s great to innovate, but don’t forget about strategy.



A lot of speak around Bank Director lately has been on the topic of innovation…We want to know: Who are the banks that are really shaking things up, getting creative, catering to the consumer shifts, and setting examples of being tech-forward? (e.g. Wells Fargo recently claimed a “mobile first” strategy citing Amazon and Google as competitors) Even closer to home, we also are taking a look in the mirror to see if we, as a company, doing enough to stay current + relevant for our audience…a battle any company is, or should be, facing.

With lofty goals for the year ahead, I am now noticing examples everywhere in my daily life. One being when I got to the airport last Friday. In a search for food,  I found an interesting + pleasant surprise in the LGA terminal. In the “food court”, every chair had an iPad on display…

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