Four Uncomfortable Questions Every Bank Board Should Answer

Question #1: Does the CEO work for the board, or do the directors work for the CEO?

The Bank Spot

On March 6-7, Bank Director will host the Bank Board Training Forum in Nashville, an event that I believe will provide the 100-plus directors who will be attending (we’ve run out of room) with sound advice and counsel about how to run a high performance board. We created this event because the banking industry has gone through so many dramatic changes over the last few years, and bank boards are under so much pressure from the regulators and shareholders to meet these new challenges, that we saw the need to offer an educational opportunity that would focus on the performance of the entire board.

Over the course of the day-and-a-half program there will be presentations on audit, compensation, risk management and governance issues, on regulation and strategy – but always with the focus on how these issues impact the board and its role. The world of banking has changed and…

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