My Work


Bank Director conducts several surveys each year, the results of which are explored on and within Bank Director magazine. These are the most current:

2014 Compensation Survey, which will also be explored in the 3rd quarter 2014 issue of Bank Director, available in August.

2014 Risk Practices Survey, also explored in the 2nd quarter 2014 issue.

2014 Bank M&A Survey, also explored in the 1st quarter 2014 issue.

2013 Bank Board & Executive Survey, also explored in the 4th quarter 2013 issue.

Smaller surveys include looks at how innovation, technology and unregulated competition impact the banking industry and growth in commercial and industrial (C&I) lending.

In addition to feature stories on research, my regular contributions to Bank Director magazine and include these stories:

How to Hire an Innovator (July 2014,

Rebranding the Bank: One Bank’s Tranformation (March 2014,

Three Things Bank Boards Can Do to Improve the Use of Technology (February 2014,

Industry Overview: Size Doesn’t Matter, But Profitability Does (February 2014,

For Your Review: Regulators Eye Bitcoin (1st quarter 2014)

Banker’s View: How Technology is Making the Bank More Efficient (October 2013,

They Love It, But Will They Pay for It? (mobile banking) (4th quarter 2013)

A Team Approach to Growth in the Big Apple (October 2013,

For Your Review: Bankers Lose Out on Budding Marijuana Industry (4th quarter 2013)

For Your Review: Community Banks Gain a Reprieve on Balloon Mortgages (3rd quarter 2013)

Banks Are Sunny in the Southwest (July 2013,

Talent Evolution: Banks are Looking Outside the Industry for Diverse Skills (July 2013,

Preparing for the Worst: How Banks Handled Hurricane Sandy and Other Storms (December 2012,

Reliant on Mobile (November 2012,

Is Banking’s Future in the Cloud? (September 2012,


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